Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Shops- NOW OPEN @ Target

I went to Target today and I completely forgot that The Shops opened today. The shops are "boutique" like goodies from all over the USA. The Shops include: Cos Bar (Aspen), The Candy Store (San Fran), Polka Dog Bakery (Boston), Privet House (Connecticut) and The Webster (Miami Beach)! 
I was most interested in the Polka Dog Bakery for my 3 fur babies and The Webster for myself. Well I wasn't impressed with the Polka Dog Bakery. I was hoping for more doggie fashion or grooming products. They had several "dry" treats and rawhide- neither of which my Yorkie's care for, not to mention I found the prices a bit over the top...The Webster had some darling outfits and accessories and I felt the prices were reasonable. I didn't buy anything however I am sure I will be back and make a purchase of some kind! :) The Candy Store had some cute stuff, again reasonably priced. The items were limited although the products had the flare of Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC. Privet House was a bit on the high end, but they too had some darling stuff, but clearly not enough or at least not as much as I was expecting. Yet since I am at Target almost on a weekly basis, I am sure I will find something from one of these "Shops" that I hadn't intended on buying! :) 

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Michelle C. said...

I just recently checked out the Polka Dog selection at my local Target. It was certainly different from what I saw while I was in Massachusetts a week ago (I stopped by the store in South Bay where Polka Dog held its Target launch party). Anyways, I will say this...going to the actual Polka Dog store is SO much better than what they are selling at Target. I shopped at the Jamaica Plain Polka Dog store last week & my dogs really enjoy the treats I brought home (different from what is sold in Target). Yes, the stuff is pricey, but knowing that I can eat the dog treats (not that I would...) and seeing how limited the ingredient list is is priceless to me.

I have yet to check out the other collections at Target...I guess I need to make a trip back!! :)

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