Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Business Trip

I am in beautiful San Diego at Paradise Point Resort. It's my first time at this resort and it is pretty nice, especially since it is a business trip and my school district is footin' the bill! :) I am presenting tomorrow with a colleague on our English Language Learner program within our county. The conference is specifically designed for Juvenile Court and Community School (alternative education) administrators in California. This is my 3 time attending this conference and am excited to see what I can learn...Is it just me or do other educators feel that conferences help them regain some "energy" and "inspire" them to return to their school buildings with new and fresh ideas. Conferences like this one seem to light a fire under me and I always return to my school with a positive outlook!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Shops- NOW OPEN @ Target

I went to Target today and I completely forgot that The Shops opened today. The shops are "boutique" like goodies from all over the USA. The Shops include: Cos Bar (Aspen), The Candy Store (San Fran), Polka Dog Bakery (Boston), Privet House (Connecticut) and The Webster (Miami Beach)! 
I was most interested in the Polka Dog Bakery for my 3 fur babies and The Webster for myself. Well I wasn't impressed with the Polka Dog Bakery. I was hoping for more doggie fashion or grooming products. They had several "dry" treats and rawhide- neither of which my Yorkie's care for, not to mention I found the prices a bit over the top...The Webster had some darling outfits and accessories and I felt the prices were reasonable. I didn't buy anything however I am sure I will be back and make a purchase of some kind! :) The Candy Store had some cute stuff, again reasonably priced. The items were limited although the products had the flare of Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC. Privet House was a bit on the high end, but they too had some darling stuff, but clearly not enough or at least not as much as I was expecting. Yet since I am at Target almost on a weekly basis, I am sure I will find something from one of these "Shops" that I hadn't intended on buying! :) 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Let's be friends!

Hi! Welcome to my blog...I have decided to link up to Kelly's Blog and hoping to make some new friends! :)
Thank Goodness it is Friday! Just wanted to share a picture of Madison (she is one of my THREE Yorkies)! She went with me to Nordstrom tonight...perfect end to a long week! Enjoy your weekend!
~Preppy Principal

H.E.L.L.O. 2018

Hello 2018!  Madison (10), Franklin Roosevelt (12) and Lincoln (12) want to wish everyone a fun-filled and blessed 2018!  ...