Hello 2011- Happy New Year

Happy New Year blogger friends! :) I had a pretty low key last night (NYE). I went to my twins and had dinner. We watched Sex and the City 2 (again) and had fun joking with friends and family. I ended up going home around 10:30 and actually went to bed by 11:30. Pretty low key and uneventful, but I was OK with that...Woke up by 8 am, got up, showered, dressed and took the puppies on their morning walk.

It is so cold here in So California. I wont even mention how cold (50 degrees), since I may offend readers in the south and the east! Sending prayers to the people of Arkansas, given the horrible tornado. Twin and friend picked me up and we went shopping to Tai Pan Trading. I love this store! We had lunch at Fuddruckers-(my first visit) and it was delish! I had a gift card for Nordstrom that was burning a hole, so we went to the mall. I am on a tight budget this week so I was really conservative in my shopping...I got a few items at Bath and Body Works (most items I got were 75% off!) and Old Navy ($3.95 tanks). We were gone for most of the day so the puppies and I took our last walk for the night and I started watching the OWNetwork. Its pretty good...I think most shows that peaked my interest will start this fall...Thank goodness I have one more day before I return to work on Monday. I am looking forward to a promising new year- wishing you all happiness, lots of love and good health!


The Garners said…
Happy New Year! Thank you for the comment you left on our blog! I hope your year is off to a great start!
Your dogs are so cute! Happy New Year. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Stop by anytime.
CMae said…
I randomly stumbled upon your blog and was smiling ear to ear seeing your puppies and their very Presidential Names!!!!! What a unique thing to do! My one great little thing I can do Not so much a trick by any means, but I can recite the Presidents in order by heart. I thank my 8th grade teacher for that! :)

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