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Winter- Spring-Summer Update! WOW~ Have I been gone that long?

I'm back. I can't believe that my last post was in January. So much has happened- so many good and not so good memories. I think one reason I stopped posting to my blog is because I began this addiction with Facebook. With that being said, let me just let you know that the puppies (Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt and Madison (above) are all doing fine! :)
In January I began to really become addicted to posting my life's happenings on Facebook. I met a real cute and sweet "guy"- who happens to be a family friend, I guess you can say... His sister is married to one of my cousins. Well in January we began talking, initially through, you guessed it: Facebook! Don't you just love those Inbox messages? :) Well I was totally taken by storm~ and the next few months went by and I have such wonderful memories.

In April the family went to Vegas for my nephew's 13th b-day party weekend (his choice)! We had a great time...I ended up driving home alone, which was a cool 4 h…