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Thanksgiving Week...

Wow! I think the older I get the faster the years seem to fly by...does anyone else feel this way too? Such an amazing year. Met boy. Had a few lovely months with boy. Boy left the picture. Went on vacation with the nephew, ERD. Had the best time! Wished for the next few months I was still in Savannah and or Charleston. October started off with a scare. Lincoln displayed signs of bladder stones. And sure enough, almost one year to the day of his surgery last year he was in the ER again and had to have a second surgery. :( Let's just say the surgery basically made him a female. Well not really, but he now pees like a girl. Hopefully this surgery and his new diet will not bring back any more stones. After all, mama can't afford another surgery! My poor baby. He is doing fine now, but what a stressful time.
So needless to say I didn't get to plan the puppies Halloween costumes- I originally wanted them to be Alvin, Simon and Theodore. But time got the best of me so I just rec…

Winter- Spring-Summer Update! WOW~ Have I been gone that long?

I'm back. I can't believe that my last post was in January. So much has happened- so many good and not so good memories. I think one reason I stopped posting to my blog is because I began this addiction with Facebook. With that being said, let me just let you know that the puppies (Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt and Madison (above) are all doing fine! :)
In January I began to really become addicted to posting my life's happenings on Facebook. I met a real cute and sweet "guy"- who happens to be a family friend, I guess you can say... His sister is married to one of my cousins. Well in January we began talking, initially through, you guessed it: Facebook! Don't you just love those Inbox messages? :) Well I was totally taken by storm~ and the next few months went by and I have such wonderful memories.

In April the family went to Vegas for my nephew's 13th b-day party weekend (his choice)! We had a great time...I ended up driving home alone, which was a cool 4 h…

Happy New Year 2010!

Franklin. Madison and Lincoln

Happy New Year~ Wishing you all the best in 2010! Hoping that 2010 brings lots of love, fun, family blessings and good health and fortune!