Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving Week...

Wow! I think the older I get the faster the years seem to fly by...does anyone else feel this way too? Such an amazing year. Met boy. Had a few lovely months with boy. Boy left the picture. Went on vacation with the nephew, ERD. Had the best time! Wished for the next few months I was still in Savannah and or Charleston. October started off with a scare. Lincoln displayed signs of bladder stones. And sure enough, almost one year to the day of his surgery last year he was in the ER again and had to have a second surgery. :( Let's just say the surgery basically made him a female. Well not really, but he now pees like a girl. Hopefully this surgery and his new diet will not bring back any more stones. After all, mama can't afford another surgery! My poor baby. He is doing fine now, but what a stressful time.
So needless to say I didn't get to plan the puppies Halloween costumes- I originally wanted them to be Alvin, Simon and Theodore. But time got the best of me so I just recycled costumes from 2 years ago. Franklin was Spiderman, Lincoln was Peter Pan, and Madison was a bumble bee. They looked so cute and helped me pass out candy. OK, so they really didn't help me, but they sure did look super cute.
I have been lurking lately. Reading TONS of craft blogs and making some cute stuff. Here is my simple fall wreath, my monogram burlap frame (
see the idea here) and my Advent Calendar (borrowed the idea from here).

Well I guess that's it for now...I will leave you with a picture of Madison. She went to vote with me earlier this month. I usually take all 3 but let's just say it's a lot easier to punch a ballot with one Lincoln, a Republican and Franklin, a Democrat usually don't see eye to eye on election day, so they stayed at Nana and Papa's when I went to vote! :) Happy Thanksgiving to y'all!

Love, The Preppy Principal

Monday, September 6, 2010

Winter- Spring-Summer Update! WOW~ Have I been gone that long?

I'm back. I can't believe that my last post was in January. So much has happened- so many good and not so good memories. I think one reason I stopped posting to my blog is because I began this addiction with Facebook. With that being said, let me just let you know that the puppies (Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt and Madison (above) are all doing fine! :)
In January I began to really become addicted to posting my life's happenings on Facebook. I met a real cute and sweet "guy"- who happens to be a family friend, I guess you can say... His sister is married to one of my cousins. Well in January we began talking, initially through, you guessed it: Facebook! Don't you just love those Inbox messages? :) Well I was totally taken by storm~ and the next few months went by and I have such wonderful memories.

In April the family went to Vegas for my nephew's 13th b-day party weekend (his choice)! We had a great time...I ended up driving home alone, which was a cool 4 hour drive as I was able to listen to my new found love- Country music! By the way so far I have attended 2 country music concerts and have 3 more scheduled. My 1st country concert- Tim McGraw and Lady A. In July it was Sugarland. I'm going to see Rascal Flatts, Lady A (again) and Carrie Underwood- all in October! Boy! Why did it take me so long to enjoy listening to Country!?

In Spring things slowed down :( and I began to plan my annual summer trip :)with my nephew ERD. If you remember I took him to Nashville, Memphis and Franklin Tennessee last year- after I fell completely in love with Nashville the summer before while on a business trip. Well this summer we decided to continue the "Southern" tour. This year I decided to add as many Lilly Pulitzer's shops as I could and I had a blast. We began our trip in Savannah (LOVE) and then headed to Andersonville to tour the National POW museum. From there we went to Warm Springs, Georgia to visit FRD's Little White House. We got caught in a few Southern thunderstorms- my nephew loved the storms, his Tia De, not so much, since I was the one caught driving during the storms. I have never experienced such a down pour, especially living in Southern California my whole life. We continued to Atlanta and took a stop at Stone Mountain (AMAZING). Since we were in the area we drove to The University of Georgia. I was hoping to get the puppies a UGA Bulldog t-shirt. We drove to Athens and it was sort of late on a Sunday, so we didn't make it to the bookstore, but we did drive around campus and we passed by sorority row- I fell in love with the Delta Zeta house @ UGA (BEAUTIFUL). I was not very impressed with Atlanta (sorry) but it was just to modern and reminded me too much of Los Angeles.

We continued our vacation with 5 days in South Carolina (LOVE)! I want to secretly pretend I'm from South Carolina. I headed back home with palmetto tumblers, stickers, a necklace pendant, a palmetto ring, etc. On our way to Charleston we drove through Columbia. Of course we had to stop at USC! We got off and walked the campus and even made a trip to the bookstore. It was so neat, especially since students were on campus for what appeared to be orientations. Again we visited the sorority and fraternity houses and again I fell in love with the DZ house @ USC. Charleston was only a short hop, skip and jump from Columbia- at this point we had driven EVERYWHERE. And oh yeah, the deer that was on the side of the road, that scared the he-be-je-bee's out of me, is something also that was new to this southern California native- wild animals on the side of the road? Huh? I am only used to seeing skunks on the sides of the road! :) Fort Sumter was awesome and the ghost tours and walking tours were unforgettable. We had such a great time, even with the heat index being close to 105 the last week and a half in June. The travels continued in July. My sister in law treated my mom, my twin and I to a girls birthday party weekend at Mirval Spa in Tucson. Amazing. Since then it's been smooth sailing, well sort of. I'm still talking to the January guy and I still think he is a pretty amazing guy. I am so happy to see that Fall is soon approaching...this allows me to begin planning next summers trip- I'm planning on taking ERD to Boston and New York!
I'm sure there are tons of memories and events that I am forgetting, as I try to recreate Winter, Spring and Summer- However my objective is to return to blogging with an equal balance of posting on Facebook- still not sure how to join the two mediums. I hope you all are taking time to reflect on the summer months and begin planning for fall and winter. Good bye summer 2010 and Happy Labor Day!
Twin and The Preppy Principal

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Franklin. Madison and Lincoln

Happy New Year~ Wishing you all the best in 2010! Hoping that 2010 brings lots of love, fun, family blessings and good health and fortune!

H.E.L.L.O. 2018

Hello 2018!  Madison (10), Franklin Roosevelt (12) and Lincoln (12) want to wish everyone a fun-filled and blessed 2018!  ...