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Guess who WON the Halloween Contest?

The puppies won the Halloween Contest! Lincoln was the Tin Man, Franklin was the Scarecrow and Madison was Dorothy- we were only missing the Lion. Thanks to Nana who made Lincoln and Franklin's costume- and for adding the basket and Toto to Madison's costume! We can't wait until next year...

Move In Day and Life in General

Well I closed escrow on Sept 5 and I have yet to "fully" move in. After waiting a year to have the house built, you'd think I'd move in the day I got the keys. I have most of my large items, that have been in storage this past year, moved in (ie. new bed, dining room table, couch, etc). But I don't have my shutters and or curtains installed yet and I still have lots of clothes at my parents home still. Last weekend I did sleep over and it was great. I have yet to try the commute to work, from my new house. The puppies had a ball. We ended up going on 4 walks last Saturday. They loved sniffing around and exploring the new house and community. In September, Madison had her 2nd birthday. She is the youngest out of the 3 puppies. No large party this year, but maybe next year. I have been so busy lately and as soon as October hits, these last few months seem to whiz by...I have joined Junior League of Los Angeles and things are getting really busy. I have attended se…