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I am so excited that in a few weeks I am participating in a Teaching American History grant in NYC! This federal grant is to promote history content for teachers. The expectation is that the content and experiences will increase student achievement- after all if history teachers are true history experts both in content and pedagogy they will be more effective in reaching and teaching students. As a school administrator, I am participating and will be required to complete the lessons and learning objectives, just like the teachers- the only difference is that I get to select which classroom and which group of students will receive my lesson. We have a full 5 days (minus 2 days of travel) of wonderful sights and sounds. Our itinerary includes: Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Harlem, Lower East Side, etc... Of course we have lots of free time- so I plan on going to Macy's, Lilly and Central Park. Once again I am asking for suggestions- please share with me your NYC must do's! I have the entire day FREE on Friday--so PLEASE- share your ideas-thanks! I already got tickets to two shows- Wicked and Jersey Boys.
I decided that since I was already across the country I would extend this trip and take my nephew, ERD, to Memphis to see Graceland- since he is such an Elvis fan-by the way he is only 12 years old. I guess I loved my trip last year to Nashville- because I changed my ticket to Nashville, not Memphis. What was I thinking? I wasn't. My nephew is planning on flying non-stop to Nashville. After some thought I guess it was a pretty good mistake because now we are planning on staying in Nashville and then driving to Memphis (3.5 hours away). So dear nephew will now have the experience of both Nashville and Memphis. My nephew loves ghost stories so we are planning on taking a Nashville Ghost Tour. I was thinking of taking him to the Grand Ole Opry, but I am not sure he knows that many Country singers- or at least not the ones that will be there when we are in town. I do know that I want to take him to Neely's BBQ- and of course we will go to Graceland the next day. Yet, I am looking for recommendations for things to do and see in both Nashville and Memphis...once again your expertise (as locals) will be so appreciated- I have yet to book our hotel in Memphis- so please offer some suggestions...On a personal note I am looking for puppy boutiques in NYC, Nashville and Memphis. Last summer I went to the cutest boutique in Nashville, called Lucky Pup. The link appears to be broken, so I am not sure if they are still in business. I have never been to Memphis and have no idea where to stay- so any recommendations would be totally helpful. Just like any other large city, I want to make the best of my time there...and avoid the rougher parts of town (if you know what I mean)...I am so excited and can't of all I have my new PINK netbook and plan on posting lots of pictures!


LuLu said…
You will LOVE Wicked!!! It is one of my all time favs!! Definitely hit up Canal St (Chinatown), SoHo, and 5th! Of course you want to visit Rockefeller Center..goodness there is so much to do. Honestly, if you want to see all the sites I'd take the Big Apple Tour-it takes you everywhere!!
Ashley Pizarro said…
You are going to LOVE Wicked. I saw it in Charlotte and thought it was so amazing. I don't know if you are into dancing at all. I danced my entire life and danced at Broadway Dance Centre. It would cool to stop in their and see one of their classes. Sometimes you can catch famous broadway stars taking classes while you are in there! :) Have so much fun!!
EntertainingMom said…
Just took my 10 year old to see Wicked and I adored it. You will have to check out all the beach chairs in the middle of Broadway a few blocks down on 47th St. It's hysterical. Broadway is a hop-skip-jump to Rockefeller Center Saks (!!!) and St. Patrick's Cathedral. No better way to see Central Park than a Handsom Cab ride (horse and buggy) perhaps you could share with a friend... I would absolutely hit a museum as well -- either MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in midtown, walking distance from Rockefeller Cntr., or The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Both are fantastic. Down below 30 Rock the ice rink turns in to a fun, semi chichi restaurant that attracts tourists and locals alike. It's fun.

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TAMPA said…
Roo !! I am soo excited for you !! Have so much fun.. and what a good Auntie you are !! Erd is lucky !!
Miss Janice said…
Shopping and fancy restaurants...that's what I'd do!

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