Saturday, May 16, 2009

UCLA Day & Beverly HIlls

Last weekend I took my nephew, ERD, to UCLA Day. UCLA Day is an annual event for alumni to reconnect and re-familiarize themselves with the school and all the happenings. ERD and I arrived in the morning. I took him to the amazing bookstore. He loved it. We had lunch on the plaza and sat in the Greek section. Later in the day we took a bus tour and drove by the fraternities...he really wasn't impressed with the frat houses! LOL! Sadly my sorority house (Delta Zeta) was no longer on sorority row- it was torn down making way for graduate/professor housing (my chapter has been inactive since 1991). ERD went rock climbing, played dodge ball and overall he had a great time. I was so impressed with the new housing (air conditioned) and the huge dining halls. Best of all students now register via the longer do they have to register and wait in line in front of Murphy Hall! Of course we left a bit early and went to the Lilly store in Santa Monica. I bought some Mother's Day gifts and I bought some gifts for me too! I purchased Lilly pencils, stickers, file folders, Lilly perfume (WINK) and round note cards! After we left Santa Monica, ERD wanted to go see homes in Beverly Hills. So I drove around as he snapped pictures of some of his favorite homes. He really liked the silver fire hydrants!

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Miss Janice said...

When I lived in Palm Springs, I would drive over to Beverly Hills, have lunch and hit up some of the shops! What a feeling...well, you know that feeling:) I also love Santa Monica! The whole area is "my kind of place." Actually, all of Southern California is my kind of place!

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