New Paper- New Hair- New Home

Yesterday I received a NoteBlock from Preppy Paper Girl! I can't wait to use it at work on Monday! I have found a new shop that is adorable and affordable! Thank you!
I also chopped my hair last weekend. I wanted to cut it shorter than normal, for the summer season. I planned on getting highlights but we ran out of time, so I need to go back. My hair grows so fast, so I figured what the heck.
I ended up getting my Pink netbook and I love it- can't wait to take it with me to NYC. I will be in NYC for one week with 25 teachers- I am so looking forward to the field study.
On the home front, I had my framing walk through last week- here I am signing my "signature" above the fireplace. I signed my name, the puppies, as well as my 2 nephews and niece...It will be neat to know that I have a special stamp that will always be a part of my house...So excited. I spent way more than I planned on all the upgrades- but it will be worth it- move in date is set for the middle of September!


Kappa Prep said…
I love Preppy Paper Girl! Your new hair looks fabulous and I cannot wait to see the interior of your new home. What a very exciting time this is!
Chloe said…
I love your hair cut! Thanks for the inspiration to go short- I have waist length hair and just cannot make the cut for the life of me!!
Mrs. Nurse said…
love the paper and the hair :)
Miss Janice said…
Love your hair! How exciting to watch your new home being built!

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