Gift Help and Suggestions Requested -Re posting

**I am re-posting- In Google Reader this post did not appear correctly- sorry for the duplication!

Hello! Happy Memorial Day! I recently had my computer re-formatted and I lost all of my bookmarks (favorites). I had an entire folder "Cutesy Shops" and I am in need of your help, please. I am trying to relocate and find any new shops that offer monogrammed gift items or any unique items. If you have a favorite shop (online, preferably) that offers monogrammed items, anything with bows or any darling stationary, please share these with me so that I can begin some summer birthday shopping. Please leave me a comment or email me at dr.denisemiranda (@) I recently ordered 2 items- someone mentioned attending a stationary show (sorry I can't remember who :o( and I found this paper shop and I just received the cutest calendar (see below). I also recently ordered from Preppy Paper Girl a cute note block- I have yet to get it but I am sure it will be darling...So I would appreciate any ideas, similar to these 2 shops. Many thanks in advance.


Come see me!!! And I would love to do a giveaway for your blog if you want to! Just let me know!
Ok, your babies are soooooo stinkin' cute! I have a Yorkie, too. Mr. Jackson says hi to all your kids!!

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