Book Swap?

Is any one hosting a book swap? I have 2 books that are pretty amazing and I'd love to share them...the first is Fireflies in December and the 2nd is The Shack. I am done with Fireflies and more than 1/2 way done with The Shack. Both books were recommend: Fireflies in December was recommended by Southern Somedays and The Shack was recommended by my childhood friend Tammy. Let me know, like I said I'd love to share both of these books. You can take a look at my bookshelf for more info...


i just looked at your bookshelf...i am reading chelsea handler's book and love it!! i just crack up the whole time..its great! ive also started the twilight series...after watching the movie, i was sucked in! haha...have you read ony of the twilight books by chance?
TAMPA said…
Little Roo.. What is fireflies about ??!! And I am so excited you like The Shack.. It rocks !! :)

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