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Book Swap?

Is any one hosting a book swap? I have 2 books that are pretty amazing and I'd love to share them...the first is Fireflies in Decemberand the 2nd is The Shack. I am done with Fireflies and more than 1/2 way done with The Shack. Both books were recommend: Fireflies in December was recommended by Southern Somedays and The Shack was recommended by my childhood friend Tammy. Let me know, like I said I'd love to share both of these books. You can take a look at my bookshelf for more info...

Puppies Bike Trailer

March and April have been very BUSY months... I have lots to share (ie. home finally sold, purchasing a new home, selecting all design items for new home (flooring, cabinets, tile, upgrades, paint, etc) and lots of pictures to post, but each time I planed on uploading pictures I get too lazy! When I finally got around to uploading pictures my computer caught a virus. It then took a few days for my comp tech at school to clean it up- but I am now back- up and running. I got a new PINK beach cruiser this week and of course I needed to get something to haul the puppies in to take them along for the ride...I wanted a wicker basket, but the baskets were too small and they looked a bit uncomfortable. While at the bike shop I saw a small bike trailer. I wanted a PINK trailer to match my bike, but no such luck. I bought the trailer and the puppies love it! I have them secured with a harness. The trailer provides a net cover and a vinyl cover for wind and cold weather. The only problem is that…


It's been a long month (meaning the month that just ended)-but the good news is that my house SOLD! Buyers fund tomorrow and escrow closes on Thursday (love 30 day escrows)The house has been on the market with my current realtor since late October. I had to reduce the price (thanks to the people who attempted to live and buy above their means) but ended up on the plus side; so I am pretty excited. I lived there 8 years~ It was my first home but I am so ready to move on to a brand new home... More news to follow! I have been lagging in the BLOG department- My goal is to up load some pictures from the last few weeks, including my nephew's birthday party, last week! Happy Easter- Here is a picture of the boy's on Easter 3 years ago! Wow- How time flies...