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Fashion Shows and A Beauty Queen

My Nephew @ his private school's Fashion Show

Fashion Show- Harley Davidson Theme, look@ the Yorkie! Preppy Principal and BFF Brighton Purses as part of the Silent Auction Basket from Millie's Dancewear as part of the Silent Auction This month is flying by...we went to my nephew's fashion show earlier this month. The Fashion Show is the school's annual fundraiser. Tickets are sold, dinner is served and the students and some parents participate in a fashion show. There is also a silent auction. Last year I won a huge basket of Gold Canyon Candles and a basket of office supplies (I LOVE pens and office supplies)- so this was a must win. This year I place my bid on the candles and I sat at the table the last 15 minutes of the auction and I was outbid. Next year I am standing by the basket of candles until the auction closes! My parents donated some items- 2 Brighton bags (dedicated in memory of both of my grandmothers) and a PINK basket full of dance apparel- which was bou…