Luxury Puppy Cut

Madison, Franklin and Lincoln in their car seats!

The puppies had a treat today. I had a mobile groomer come to the house to bathe them. In addition they got their nails cut, ears cleaned and teeth brushed ($5.00 extra)! Grandma (Nana) and Grandpa (Papa) babysit them daily, so they loaded them in the mobile groomers right outside the front of the house. Nana said they all did well- they tend to have some separation anxiety when they go the "drop off" and "stay a few hours" groomer. I was pleased with their cuts, so I am now off to save another mini fortune for their next bath and cut!


random moments said…
Freshly groomed yorkies are the cutest ever. I had one named Biscuit (silly name, I know) and I just wanted to cuddle him after the groomers. And you are sooooo right about the small fortune!!
They are adorable. Do they model professionaly?! lol. Your Fab self has been tagged. Check it my blog!!!
Miss Janice said…
They look absolutely darling! My little yorkie, Coco, needs to be groomed!
Bella said…
How totally sweet!
tambomiller said…
Oh.. my gosh.. how freakin cute are they.. We gotta set up a play date :)

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