J'adore Amore Giveaway!

I love all the fun giveaways- I am having trouble keeping up...I feel as if I may have to do one of my own! I want to ask you all to go and enter the GIVEAWAY at the Magic Risotto Diaries! Such a amazing site and giveaway all in one! Ok- I am off to do some schoolwork as I watch Paula Dean's Party! Don't you all love her?


Southern Savvy said…
Hi Preppy! Thanks for becoming a follower. Your dogs are a.dor.able! I really wanted yorkies but my Hubby wouldn't let me get any dog that could wear bows in her hair. He,he. So, I'll just have to look forward to pics of yours! Have a great weekend!
random moments said…
Heey Y'ALL! Lol. I do lub her!

Fab bag!
Carolina Girl said…
That is a fabulous bag!!!

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