Friday, February 13, 2009

I have been Tagged twice!

I have been tagged by Polka Dotted Owl - Here is how you play:
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Here are 25 Random Things About Me:

25 Random Things
1. I love my family and friends, esp my twin sister.
2. I love and adore my 3 Yorkie furbabies, Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt and Madison.
3. I love Diet Coke.
4. When on vacation, I turn on the AC to full blast in the hotels, no matter what the temp is outside.
5. I hate driving my car in the rain is Southern California.
6. I am horrible when it comes to playing video games.
7. I wish life had a Tivo rewind function.
8. When I was younger, my brother, sister and I would pretend we were The Beatles (minus one Beatle).
9. I loved Nellie Olsen on Little House on the Prairie.
10. Fall is my favorite season.
11. I have a sweet tooth, esp for cupcakes and cream puffs.
12. I have had 3 set of braces- twice paid for by my parents, the most recent Invisalign, paid by me.
13. The first car I bought was a BMW-this is where my problem with tires began…
14. I highly recommend Crest Whitestrips.
15 I can't spell and can't live without spell check.
16. My favorite store is Nordstrom.
17. I was planning on attending FIDM- Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Then I visited UCLA and fell in love with the bookstore, so I then went to UCLA.
18. My puppies probably have more clothes than I do!
19. My favorite drink is a vodka tonic.
20. I don’t like gambling, so I don’t like Vegas, except for the shopping and the outlets on the way to Vegas.
21. If I could Id buy more Lilly Pulitzer .
22. Franklin is the most loyal puppy, he sleeps with me every night! Lincoln and Madison are bed-hoppers!
23. I earn an extra $50 per month for my Ed.D.- Woo-Hoo (sarcasm)!
24. I am not very good with numbers and I particularly don’t like to read, that’s why I went into the field of Education. J
25. I am an identical twin, born 4 minutes after my sister…

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Kate said...

The UCLA bookstore is amazing! I bought my high school books there and they have everything!

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