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Dog Park and So Cal Mountains

Baby Girl- Madison

The Big Brother- Lincoln

The Middle Child- Franklin Roosevelt

Last weekend I tried to take the puppies to the Dog Park...we got there and it was CLOSED! So we ended up walking the are a few pictures of the Boys and Baby Girl (in her Pink Juicy hoodie)...I love the pictures of them in the car on the way home!
On the way home...

The last few days have been beautiful in So Cal- here is what I saw when I was getting in my car, on my way to work! Amazing...

Update...Lincoln's 4th Birthday

On February 9, we celebrated Lincoln's 4th Birthday. After work that day I went to the Three Dog Bakery and bought some PupCakes...all 3 puppies enjoyed them! Lincoln really enjoys toys so I bought him a stuffed car! Although it was a low key birthday, he told me he enjoyed his Special Day!

Dream Dinners

A few weeks ago we (me, mom, twin and nephew) went to Dream Dinners- We received gift cards and a homemade apron from my SIL this past Christmas. It was fun, except YOU actually have to do the work and prep the dinners! Gosh! I did make one dinner and then I was done... I really don't like manual labor! LOL! I ended up making Kentucky Pork Chops- Mom made them the other night and they were pretty tasty! I have decided- I need my own personal chef!

Another Cupcake Giveaway...

The Sweet Tea Diaries is hosting a CUPCAKE theme giveaway. She has lots of entries- so good luck to all!

Cupcake Giveaway...

Run over to Kimmie's blog and enter her fabulous giveaway for her 300th post! Congrats Kimmie!!!

House for Sale...Crafts and A Long Weekend

So I have been trying to sell my 1923 craftsman home...After 8 years the old charm is enough and I want to buy a new home! It's been 9 months and well I am sure you all know that the market is not the most ideal to sell a home...I have lowered my price three times, but the foreclosures in the area are not helping. I have had 2 offers fall through which make the process that much more frustrating. At this point I am simply reminding myself to be patient and realize that I am not in I have been praying and am anxious to see what this new year will bring...

I am going to work on some crafts tonight and will post them tomorrow. They are similar to the ones I made in December...Tell me what you think...I plan on offering these for a GIVEAWAY.
I had a great LONG weekend. School was out on Friday- I lounged ALL DAY in my PJs! Oh what fun! Yesterday I went to visit a friend and then my BF Katie and one of my teacher's (co-worker) went to Ketchup in West Hollywood. The foo…

Love My Dad

It's been raining off and on here is Southern California and I was lucky enough to have the day off. I was blog hopping and saw a book, Fireflies in December, that sounded really interesting (Southern Somedays)- anyway, after dinner I asked my dad to go to Barnes and Noble to pick up the book I placed on reserve...and he did- I didn't have to go out in the rain and cold and I still am getting my book...Thanks DAD!

2nd Tag-6th Photo

The second tag was from Southern Savvy.

1. Go to your pics, choose the 6th folder and the 6th picture

2. Tell who and what

3. Pick 6 people to do the same.

Here is my picture:

Franklin Roosevelt and Lincoln hanging out the window (safely locked in their car seat w/harness) on the way to pick up our new Wii. I tag: Living in Dallas and Loving ItSerious ShopaholicThe Pink TuTuQuotes from the QueenPeeptoe Pumps and PearlsThe Pink Owl

I have been Tagged twice!

I have been tagged by Polka Dotted Owl - Here is how you play:
You must list at least 25 facts, goals, and randomness about you and your life. You then can chose any number of Fab bloggies to tag.

Here are 25 Random Things About Me:

25 Random Things
1. I love my family and friends, esp my twin sister.
2. I love and adore my 3 Yorkie furbabies, Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt and Madison.
3. I love Diet Coke.
4. When on vacation, I turn on the AC to full blast in the hotels, no matter what the temp is outside.
5. I hate driving my car in the rain is Southern California.
6. I am horrible when it comes to playing video games.
7. I wish life had a Tivo rewind function.
8. When I was younger, my brother, sister and I would pretend we were The Beatles (minus one Beatle).
9. I loved Nellie Olsen on Little House on the Prairie.
10. Fall is my favorite season.
11. I have a sweet tooth, esp for cupcakes and cream puffs.
12. I have had 3 set of braces- twice paid for by my parents, the most recent Invisalign, paid…

J'adore Amore Giveaway!

I love all the fun giveaways- I am having trouble keeping up...I feel as if I may have to do one of my own! I want to ask you all to go and enter the GIVEAWAY at the Magic Risotto Diaries! Such a amazing site and giveaway all in one! Ok- I am off to do some schoolwork as I watch Paula Dean's Party! Don't you all love her?


You all must hop on over to Pink Cupcake- She is celebrating her 300 Post and is offering a LILLY giveaway by teaming up with Creative Cupcake ...Congrats Pink Cupcake!

Luxury Puppy Cut

Madison, Franklin and Lincoln in their car seats!

The puppies had a treat today. I had a mobile groomer come to the house to bathe them. In addition they got their nails cut, ears cleaned and teeth brushed ($5.00 extra)! Grandma (Nana) and Grandpa (Papa) babysit them daily, so they loaded them in the mobile groomers right outside the front of the house. Nana said they all did well- they tend to have some separation anxiety when they go the "drop off" and "stay a few hours" groomer. I was pleased with their cuts, so I am now off to save another mini fortune for their next bath and cut!

Fat Witch...

Fat Witch Bakery=Yum!

Quickly go to Make Mine a Mojito to sign up for her Valentine's Giveaway!


I have to confess I was so excited opening my my PINK SWAP I forgot to take pictures of the beautiful packaging- THANK YOU CYNDI for my PINK goodies- including a PINK Vera Bradley pen, PINK Vera Bradley writing pad and PINK Vera Bradley post-it's, a PINK Baekgaard luggage tag, a PINK mouse pad-weekly agenda and a beautiful PINK magnet! Thank you so much for the lovely gifts! I love them all!

Super Bowl SUPER Weekend

I had a great fun packed weekend...Saturday night I went out with Twin, BF Katie and Tracy. We went to a Mediterranean restaurant in the Village... We happened to see a darling Art shop- I left my camera at home so I asked BF Katie to take a picture of these "art" cupcakes...Darling, huh? Once we were at dinner I ordered the Trout since I was feeling pretty good. I weighed in at Weight Watchers that morning and I had lost 1.4 lbs...I am currently down 5 pounds! We had a great time, as usual. Sunday I had plans to go to Mahe for an all you can drink and eat sushi party!

Boy was it fabulous- I may have gained back my 1.4 lbs and then some... We ate sushi, Kobe Sliders and lots of yummy (point filled) Cocktails- but we had such a good time cheering and watching the SB commercials.

Here are some pictures of Saturday and Sunday, including my friend Paul's dog Riley!