Friday, January 23, 2009

Two Weeks in One Post

Its been a hectic few weeks, with jam pack weekends. The last few weekends have been marked with Sushi, Kirin Light, Coors Light, Best Friends, and lots of fun. Twin, best friend Katie and I did our usual Target outing. I went for one thing and left with a million items in my basket...and I have no idea who would have lined up these greeting cards in such order!
After Target and The Dollar Tree we headed to dinner- Japanese of course, our favorite!
Waiting to be seated we wasted no time and did what we all seem to do now...non-stop texting.
And no need to worry- I will more than gladly drink my points, than eat my points. My best friend Katie and I, along with another gal pal have located a nice wine and art gallery in our hometown. We have been "regulars" there the last few weekends as well. It is such a cozy place and so close to home.
Finally this past weekend, twin, Katie and I met our good friend Paul for dinner. I had the BEST pear martini! The food was delish and the laughs and friendships were filling!

This weekend I have a professional development workshop- the topic is Lincoln as a War Time President- now how can I miss that!? The nice part is that we get great materials and get to listen to scholars and we even get to stay overnight at a hotel- which is so relaxing. I plan on taking my nephew, since he loves staying at hotels and running up on my tab on room service. Oh well! Have a great weekend and I hope to post some more photos at the end of this weekend!

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*Kimmie* said...

The pear martini looks amazing! Have a great weekend!

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