Lunch and a Movie

Sunday- Our last day of vacation before it is back to full-time reality...WORK on Monday. I ended up joining Weight Watchers this weekend...I really need to lose some serious weight. The good thing is that I can still go out to eat with the girls (maybe not at Bob's Big Boy). Today, BF Katie, Twin and I went to eat sushi. I noticed a sticker on twins car that I had never noticed before...sort of like the inspector tag/sticker you get on cheap clothes.

Anyone from Arlington, Texas?

Interesting...When we arrived the restaurant had not opened so we decided to go and check out what movies were playing- at that time we decided to see a movie after lunch.

We ate sushi (yum) and then went to see Benjamin Button- a real cute movie! The movie was a bit long- we entered the theater during daylight and left when it was dark out and so cold, too! Again, we had a great time- especially listening to all of Twin's stupid and snide remarks...What a perfect start to this new year...I am truly spoiled by my friends and family!


I'm joining WW too!!! Yay!! And, I'm not from Arlington, but, I live in Dallas and Arlington is just around the corner.

Hope you had a fabulous holiday season!!
Miss Janice said…
Girl that sushi looks good right now. I love to go for lunch and a movie. I have a routine though--lunch, Starbuck's, and the movie (with buttered popcorn, m&m's, & large diet coke). Whenever I leave the movie, I'm stuffed and can't move...
Miss Janice said…
Hello again, please stop by my blog as I have a friend who needs our prayers!
*Kimmie* said…
I've tagged you over at my blog!

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