Saturday, January 31, 2009

Houston, TX

I am so excited! I am going to HOUSTON, TX this summer for a conference with one of my Assistant Principal's, some teachers and support staff. We will be there for a few days in June...We will be staying at the Hilton Americas Houston. I have already done some significant research and I plan on stopping by Funny Fur to pick up a few goodies for the Furbabies...but I need some help! Given my limited time there I am wanting to know where and what I must not miss...any local BESTS would be appreciated (best restaurants, shopping venues, museums and or local/downtown attractions?!) If you have any ideas I' d really like the help. If anyone knows any Lilly or Lilly-like boutiques, please let me know! Based on last years experience our free time will typically be after the conference seminars which should end by 3 pm each day. Last summer a few colleagues and I went to Nashville, Tennessee. We went to President Andrew Jackson's home (The Hermitage), passed through Vanderbilt University and ate local Bar-B-Que. Yum! While there of course, I made it point to stop at 2 amazing dog boutiques, Posh Puppy (it has since gone out of business) and Lucky Pup...It was tons of fun and I want to take advantage of visiting another wonderful please let me know your ideas and recommendations!


*Kimmie* said...

Thank you SO much for my calendar! It was perfect!

The Houston Galleria is definitely a one stop shop for shopping. They have expanded sooo much over the last 10 years that I can't imagine anything they don't have!

Sara said...

I am a Houston native and unfortunately moved a few months ago. Houston is seriously under-rated. You won't be sorry you missed it. Check out my blog, particularly the posts in september and october with some pictures. In November I had a few girls in town to show them around.

The hilton americas is a great location! First, in the hotel is a five star restaurant called the skyline grill. It's expensive but a must do, when you feel up to it. It has one of the best views in the city.

You're also across the street from Discovery Green. It's a built in green park that downtown houstonians love. It has two restaurants, one of which is a wine bar too. There is always something going on down there.

You're also across the street from the baseball fields. You can get tickets cheap!

Harwin drive is the best vintage and inexpensive shopping you'll find. Period.

Rice village/ Museum district is great for shopping, eating, museums, bars. You name it. It's uptown boutiques and yuppyville. The Natural History Museum, Fine arts museum and modern art museum are my favs! You should go to the Zaza hotel for drinks afterwards.

Speaking of cool stuff, the theater district is on the other side of downtown (your hotel) and there is TUTS (theater under the stars), and the ballet and local theater performances. You should google the houston theater district for the shows.

The galleria of course.

Montrose is good for interesting stores and local restaurants.

Sugar land town square is close to where i grew up. Every saturday, there are fun events for free! Music, food etc. My favorite restaurants there are Amici (Italian) and mi luna, a locally famous tapas restauratnt. It's cheap with lots of character and fab drinks. They have free, live salsa music many nights too. Check out my blog late next week. Husband and I will be there thursday. mi luna is also located in rice village.

If you feel like good sushi for a reasonable price, Toro off of hwy 290 and the beltway (30 minutes from the hotel) is my all time fav. restuarant. Good ambiance, great food, also hibachi, small, and local.

Kemah boardwalk, which is a family type place on the south end. Rides, games restaurants, all on water.

Downtown restuarants: Artista, Zula, Birraporetti's (great!), Vic and Anthony's (expensive but famous steak house). A famous bar to visit is the state bar.

For the nightlife, go to Midtown. All the young and newly employed are in midtown!

Midtown also has a few great parks!

If you have any other questions, email me at SAVidotto (at) gmail (dot) com

I just love houston. You won't be disappointed. The only problem you'll come across is that its a big city with little public transpo. It's a good idea to have a car.

Ok that's enough, hope I helped!

Chasity M said...

Martinis at Etro (, wine at The Tasting Room midtown (google it), brunch at Max's Wine Dive, Tex-Mex at Chuy's.

Local fantastic food at Shade, plus lots of electic (some very preppy) shopping on 19th street.

All of these are within a 5-10 minute drive from your hotel. Have fun!

tmllewellyn said...

check out our preppy company when you get a minute!



Jill said...

Wow~ you've had some GREAT suggestions! I've lived in Houston or the Houston area almost my entire life. There is SO much to do in Hou.

I agree with the commenter above....about Chuy's for Tex Mex food and Max's Wine Dive for a fabulous and fun dinner.

The Galleria a great place for shopping.

random moments said...

Hi there! Saw you following me and just had to come peep at your place! Glad I did. (Super cute design btw!)

My best friend lives in Houston so many I can get some scoop on the goods for ya. Sounds like a blast!

Southern Belle said...

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