This weekend I participated in a History workshop. Originally I thought the topic was Lincoln as a Wartime President. When I arrived I realized that this month's topic was Vietnam. So once there I had to make a huge shift in my historical thinking...The workshop was amazing. The scholar was awesome and the resources provided were amazing. I am just amazed at the limited number of teachers who participate in these FREE workshops! These workshops are designed to improve teacher's content knowledge... and I always walk away with something new! It is just so sad that teacher's don't take advantage of these opportunities; yet they are eager to criticize NCLB and former President Bush. I just don't get it- oh well. Like I said, I learned a lot and got great resources and an great book by Robert Marzano, Building Academic Vocabulary. Check out sample chapters HERE! Twin and I stayed at the hotel- another is almost like a mini retreat. Here are pictures of our room and hotel. On Saturday night two of our girlfriends from high school, BF Katie and Machal met us for drinks. We had such a wonderful time- we laughed so much I was afraid twin and I would go into an asthma attack! It was amazing! I have such great friends, I am truly blessed! The workshop ended this afternoon and I hope to implement what I learned tomorrow- or at least I plan on sharing what I learned with my teachers who will listen! Oh and a follow up on my Weight Watchers journey...I have lost 4 pounds thus far. I was hoping to lose at least 2 pounds per week, but the last 2 weeks I only lost 1/2 as much as I had planned...nonetheless I continue to it's ok to call me a LOSER!
My Twin
Machal and Katie


Kappa Prep said…
What a great way to take advantage of your weekend! I am glad you had a lovely time and learned so much that you can put to good use!!
Preppy 101 said…
So glad that you enjoyed the workshop!!
*Kimmie* said…
What a fabulous getaway! I'd love to attend workshops like that and I'm not even a teacher!

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