Saturday, January 31, 2009

Houston, TX

I am so excited! I am going to HOUSTON, TX this summer for a conference with one of my Assistant Principal's, some teachers and support staff. We will be there for a few days in June...We will be staying at the Hilton Americas Houston. I have already done some significant research and I plan on stopping by Funny Fur to pick up a few goodies for the Furbabies...but I need some help! Given my limited time there I am wanting to know where and what I must not miss...any local BESTS would be appreciated (best restaurants, shopping venues, museums and or local/downtown attractions?!) If you have any ideas I' d really like the help. If anyone knows any Lilly or Lilly-like boutiques, please let me know! Based on last years experience our free time will typically be after the conference seminars which should end by 3 pm each day. Last summer a few colleagues and I went to Nashville, Tennessee. We went to President Andrew Jackson's home (The Hermitage), passed through Vanderbilt University and ate local Bar-B-Que. Yum! While there of course, I made it point to stop at 2 amazing dog boutiques, Posh Puppy (it has since gone out of business) and Lucky Pup...It was tons of fun and I want to take advantage of visiting another wonderful please let me know your ideas and recommendations!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Lilly Giveaway

Happy Friday! Are you all ready for Super Bowl Sunday? I had such a busy week and I am taking it easy tonight but am looking forward to spending Sunday with BF Katie and our friend Paul...but I just wanted to share a Lilly giveaway sponsored by Misadventures of a Newlywed...go HERE to enter- Good Luck!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


This weekend I participated in a History workshop. Originally I thought the topic was Lincoln as a Wartime President. When I arrived I realized that this month's topic was Vietnam. So once there I had to make a huge shift in my historical thinking...The workshop was amazing. The scholar was awesome and the resources provided were amazing. I am just amazed at the limited number of teachers who participate in these FREE workshops! These workshops are designed to improve teacher's content knowledge... and I always walk away with something new! It is just so sad that teacher's don't take advantage of these opportunities; yet they are eager to criticize NCLB and former President Bush. I just don't get it- oh well. Like I said, I learned a lot and got great resources and an great book by Robert Marzano, Building Academic Vocabulary. Check out sample chapters HERE! Twin and I stayed at the hotel- another is almost like a mini retreat. Here are pictures of our room and hotel. On Saturday night two of our girlfriends from high school, BF Katie and Machal met us for drinks. We had such a wonderful time- we laughed so much I was afraid twin and I would go into an asthma attack! It was amazing! I have such great friends, I am truly blessed! The workshop ended this afternoon and I hope to implement what I learned tomorrow- or at least I plan on sharing what I learned with my teachers who will listen! Oh and a follow up on my Weight Watchers journey...I have lost 4 pounds thus far. I was hoping to lose at least 2 pounds per week, but the last 2 weeks I only lost 1/2 as much as I had planned...nonetheless I continue to it's ok to call me a LOSER!
My Twin
Machal and Katie

A Great Giveaway

I invite you all to go to Whitney Caroline Designs...she is hosting a beautiful giveaway! You can find her HERE! Please hop on over and enter- you have until 1-29-09 to enter!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Two Weeks in One Post

Its been a hectic few weeks, with jam pack weekends. The last few weekends have been marked with Sushi, Kirin Light, Coors Light, Best Friends, and lots of fun. Twin, best friend Katie and I did our usual Target outing. I went for one thing and left with a million items in my basket...and I have no idea who would have lined up these greeting cards in such order!
After Target and The Dollar Tree we headed to dinner- Japanese of course, our favorite!
Waiting to be seated we wasted no time and did what we all seem to do now...non-stop texting.
And no need to worry- I will more than gladly drink my points, than eat my points. My best friend Katie and I, along with another gal pal have located a nice wine and art gallery in our hometown. We have been "regulars" there the last few weekends as well. It is such a cozy place and so close to home.
Finally this past weekend, twin, Katie and I met our good friend Paul for dinner. I had the BEST pear martini! The food was delish and the laughs and friendships were filling!

This weekend I have a professional development workshop- the topic is Lincoln as a War Time President- now how can I miss that!? The nice part is that we get great materials and get to listen to scholars and we even get to stay overnight at a hotel- which is so relaxing. I plan on taking my nephew, since he loves staying at hotels and running up on my tab on room service. Oh well! Have a great weekend and I hope to post some more photos at the end of this weekend!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lunch and a Movie

Sunday- Our last day of vacation before it is back to full-time reality...WORK on Monday. I ended up joining Weight Watchers this weekend...I really need to lose some serious weight. The good thing is that I can still go out to eat with the girls (maybe not at Bob's Big Boy). Today, BF Katie, Twin and I went to eat sushi. I noticed a sticker on twins car that I had never noticed before...sort of like the inspector tag/sticker you get on cheap clothes.

Anyone from Arlington, Texas?

Interesting...When we arrived the restaurant had not opened so we decided to go and check out what movies were playing- at that time we decided to see a movie after lunch.

We ate sushi (yum) and then went to see Benjamin Button- a real cute movie! The movie was a bit long- we entered the theater during daylight and left when it was dark out and so cold, too! Again, we had a great time- especially listening to all of Twin's stupid and snide remarks...What a perfect start to this new year...I am truly spoiled by my friends and family!

Bob's on New Year's Day

On New Year's Day, BF Katrina called, actually posted on Facebook, that we should all meet for lunch at Bob's Big Boy. The restaurant just re- opened in our hometown. So off we went to eat the famous Big Boy Combo...Yum! It wasn't all that bad, after all it did came with a salad! Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009!

Happy New Year's!
Happy New Year's! It's amazing that 2009 is here- The last few months of the year seem to zoom on by, particularly beginning in October (Halloween). I can never seem to get a handle on how fast the time goes by...I am still in awe that the fall/winter holidays are now a memory, but somewhat relieved. The holidays are a whirlwind and a bit of a stresser- and I don't even host or cook for the holidays! But the New Year always seems to bring a fresh new perspective...a time for setting new goals and for me this year the start of a year I plan to document via photos and the web. This Christmas I received my 1st digital camera- so there is no excuse. I plan on documenting the memories! Let me start with December 30- the eve before NYE I went out for dinner and drinks with my twin and our girlfriends from high school! We had so much fun...we always do when we get together. We decided that night that we would spend NYE low key... partying in PJs.

H.E.L.L.O. 2018

Hello 2018!  Madison (10), Franklin Roosevelt (12) and Lincoln (12) want to wish everyone a fun-filled and blessed 2018!  ...