Christmas Ornament Swap

Today I sent my Christmas Ornament Swap Buddy her ornament. I thought the ornament was adorable and I hope she does too! While at the same time I got a darling ornament from my Secret Blogger- I am not sure if I am supposed to reveal yet or not, so I will wait until tomorrow to post a picture and publicly thank my Swap Buddy. It was back to work today and the day seemed so LONG! I ended up leaving a bit early to go and get a mani and pedi! Mom, twin and I went to Nordstrom's yesterday and we got some pretty goodies- I will share a few of my favorites!

Cashmere Gloves- I got these as a gift for someone and threw in a pair for myself- I couldn't resist.

Juicy Cupcake Necklace- I was going to get this for a co-worker, but ended up deciding it may look better on me! I am so bad! After all how wrong would it be for a Principal to buy a gift just for one employee? That would be so not fair to all my other teacher's and support staff.

Juicy Pink Gloves- And "NO DAD" you can't find these gloves at Wal-Mart!

The 2 items I did see that I did not get for myself, but would love to have them are the JC Bubble Gum Machine- How cute would that look on my desk? And the Betsy Johnson bracelet...She has a funk style, but it is sort of growing on me... Well I guess that's it for now- Have a good night~


Kappa Prep said…
What a darling Christmas ornament! I am excited to get my ornament and add it to my tree!
Miss Janice said…
I love those cashmere gloves and the juicy gloves also!
Laura said…
Oh ,oh I love those gloves as well. I would feel like Audrey Hepburn walking down the street. Infact I would have to hail a San Francisco yellow cab throughout the day just to show them off to everyone.
Ju Bear said…
It was nice meeting you as well. Thanks for donating and buying items from the boutique! Tis the season for service, Happy Holidays!
Kate said…
Just found your blog :)

I have that cupcake necklace-so cute!

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