Slow Sunday

Well I couldn't wait for Christmas, so I bought myself an iPod. I got the i Pod Nano in Pink (of course). I just sync'ed some photos and have yet to sync my songs. I cancelled my subscription to Rhapsody- I didn't realize that even with a paid subscription, I can't burn the songs- so now I am not sure what I was paying for- oh well. I also figured out how to download pocasts and use the iTunes U. I am now off to Fresh and Easy. My nephew is going with me- it is his favorite store, esp. since our store has a self check out. Looks like we are going to get some baking items- not sure yet what we are going to make, I'll have to let you know later!


amelia bedelia said…
Just stopped by to say hi! cute blog!! tell us more about your ipod...i'm wantin' one too!
Jill said…
ohhh... You'll have to let us know what you decided to bake!
Belle-ah said…
Ok, I am Ipodless! LOL I haven't quite jumped on the bandwagon. Hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

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