1st Blog

Happy Sunday Night! I am so excited that I was able to set up my blog...I am taking the day off tomorrow, so I plan on becomming an expert by tomorrow! It is very similar to Word Press, but much easier... Twin and I went to The Country General Store. Of course those of you who know twin, know that she walked in with a 40% off coupon! She ended up getting a cute Thanksgiving wreath...I got Eric a cute tealight holder along with some McCall Candles- My absolute favorite is Campfire Marshallow!


Kappa Prep said…
I just saw you voted for me- thank you! Welcome to the blog world and though I am not an expert by any means feel free to email me with any questions! I love the blog backgroud and the photos you have up so far. Have a great day off tomorrow!
You're welcome-thanks for the welcome!
Preppy Pettit said…
Welcome,welcome,welcome! You will have so much fun!
Emily said…
Found your blog thru the DZ link...apparently on Week # 1 of blogging! :) Good luck, it's fun.

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