Fabulous Friday!

Wishing everyone a Fabulous Friday! I am off to bed! Goodnight.


Gwen said…
Ahh ~ your babies are adorable!! I've always wanted to add a Yorkie to our crew. :) Have a great weekend!!!
I was just sitting at Nordstroms yesterday waiting for my daughter & her friends to try on stuff and next to me a man had his yorkie (how did he get in the store with him?) and his name was Nugget and I was asking all about him. So now I feel like an expert on yorkies! They're so cute. I have 2 pugs. They're adorable too. :)
Miss Janice said…
I love your Yorkies. They are just darling. My Yorkie--Coco Chanel--is five and the best dog ever! I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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