All I want for Christmas...

Ok...I have a small list of items I'd actually love to get for Christmas (pay attention family and friends). Have you all seen the Tiffany charms? They are adorable...I'd love to have the following charms: The Palm Tree, the Apple, the Cupcake, the Blue Tiffany Box, the Dog Bone and the Eiffel Tower, and the Crown Charm! You can go to the Tiffany site and create your own bracelet or necklace. I also want a digital camera. Can you believe that I don't have a digital camera? I am not sure about the brand- I have some research to do- I want something that is user friendly. If anyone has a suggestion/recommendation, please let me know! Thanks. And finally, I think I'd like an iPod Touch. Maybe this will motivate me to exercise! Too bad it doesn't come in Pink! Even Lincoln has a Pink iPaw. Oh well...Happy Monday!


Kappa Prep said…
Oh I too simple adore the Tiffany charms. I have looked at all the gold ones and picked out the oyster with the little pearl. I have a gold charm bracelet that I got for my 20th birthday and try and add several a year. It is such a fantastic accessory and makes gift giving easy!
That is the cutest dog toy! Your dogs are adorable! I have a beagle and a white/yellow lab!

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